So why on earth would I want an US iTunes account when I don’t live in the US you might ask? Well it is actually pretty simple. In order to rent movies and get access to apps such as you need to have US based account.

I Don’t Want to Move to the US

So I am not suggesting jumping the fence or anything like that. Instead we are going to use a little loophole in iTunes/app store. See Apple will determine if you can get access to the US store depending on your payment details. If you do not have a US issued credit card you are out of luck. Unless you use the last payment method available that is a gift card.

How to get an iTunes Gift Card

Actually this part is super simple. You see a lot of people will sell these cards on eBay. Get an iTunes giftcard from eBay here.

Once you have won the action the seller will mail you the code needed to redeem the card.

Now Lets Change Country in iTunes

With the new gift card code in hand you can now log in to your account in iTunes. Scroll to the bottom and choose change country. Select the US and input a valid US address (just google for one). Remove whatever credit card info you might have put in and choose redeem instead. Input your code from the gift card and viola you now have a US iTunes account. This will allow you to buy US only releases, rent movies and get access to the app for the iPad and iPhone.


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  1. Hi, this would be great. But I want to make sure that all my previous purchases stay intact, do they? If I start this redeem process what will happen to my original account? What will change after this quazi-legal process.

    I just want to know what’s at stake, I really want to try out Hulu, and other apps which arent reachable in my country.


    • Your purchases will stay intact. When you think about it, it would make no sense for Apple to break the purchases just because you moved country. People move and you have bought products that should keep working – and they do.

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