If you are looking for a way to unblock and other US only services there is a new tool available as an alternative to VPN. The service is called Unblock Us and I have taken a look at the service and taken it for a spin.

How Does Unblock US Work

In order to make use of Unblock Us you have to change the DNS (Domain Name System) settings on the device you want to watch on. A DNS is responsible for pointing you in the right direction when you try to connect to .com. Instead of using the DNS that your device normally inherits from your Internet Provider you have to change your DNS to ones provided by Unblock US – the details on how to do this is provided on the how to pages of Unblock US.

The DNS service is transparent for you as a user and once you have changed the DNS settings you can use as if you were located in the US. How Unblock US works behind the scenes is not 100% known but is has been speculated that the authentication is routed trough US based proxies where as the actual streaming from is routed as normal. Until Unblock Us reveals their secret (they most likely never will) the inner workings will remain unknown.

Unblock US Versus Unlocator and Unotelly

There are several other Smart DNS providers on the market these days.

Lets compare:

Unlocator Unblock US Unotelly
Channels 132 126 Unknown – they include non region blocked channels on their supported page to boost channel count.
Price $4.95 $4.99 $4.99
Yearly Plans Yes No Yes
API Yes No Yes
Update Via DynDNS Yes No Yes
Roku Region Changer Yes No No
Sony Region Changer Yes No No
Amazon Region Changer Yes No Yes


The clear winner here is Unlocator. Not only are they cheaper but they also provide more channels and features than any other Smart DNS provider on the market. Not to mention their DNS servers outperforms even Google in terms of speed!


My name is Bradley Andrews. I'm a strong believer in online freedom and unrestricted Internet access. I write about VPN, privacy and website unblocking.


  1. I could not agree more – I have tried them all and Unlocator has outperformed any other provider.

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