Setting up VPN on an iPad is a fairly simple procedure. In this quick tutorial I will walk you trough the steps needed.

There are many reasons for using VPN on an iPad. Perhaps you live outside the US and want to watch or Hulu, or perhaps you are just concerned about security when connecting to public Wi-Fi. Whatever the reason the procedure to setup VPN is the same.

First of all you need a good VPN provider. There are several on the market that supports the commonly used protocol for the iPad – PPTP. I personally prefer using Unlocator as both price and speed is great.

Anyhow – once you have your VPN account then make sure you have the following info: Server IP, username and password. Then pick up your iPad and go to Go to Settings > General > Network > VPN and add VPN configuration.

In the description field you put in whatever you like. This is for your own reference if you should add more than one VPN connection. In the server field you input the IP-address of the VPN-server you want to connect to. If you are using Unlocator you will find this info by logging into your account and then clicking PPTP servers on the left hand side of the account page. Here you will also find your username and password for the PPTP servers. This info you input in the username and password fields in the iPad. The rest you can leave as is and then press save. Now slide the VPN connection to on and your iPad should connect to the server in a couple of seconds.


As mentioned above there are many use case scenarios for using VPN on an iPad. One of the most overlooked ones is the added security that comes along with VPN. The average user is using the iPad on a long range of different public hotspots around town – from the café to the airport terminal. Regardless you are putting your privacy and personal information at risk. So-called data sniffing is very common on open networks and without the use of VPN you risk giving away sensitive information to hackers and the likes.

Anyhow you are now well on your way to enjoy a more secure surfing experience on your iPad by setting up VPN as shown above. Enjoy.


My name is Bradley Andrews. I'm a strong believer in online freedom and unrestricted Internet access. I write about VPN, privacy and website unblocking.

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