There are many good reasons for using VPN, but one very overseen ones is the security features that are offered with a VPN connection.

Open Wifi is Dangerous

How often have you logged on to an open Wifi network with your laptop or mobile? As we become more and more mobile the usage of open wifi networks in increasing all the time, and most people don’t know that someone can be accessing the data you send when you are on an open network.

So why do we spend all this time talking about privacy on Facebook and hiding our access codes to net banking when we are giving all the info away freely?

Secure yourself

By always using an encrypted VPN connection your data is secured even when you are on an open network. In this day an age of identity theft it is simply not to secure your digital life. Think of all the money you spend on securing your material assets – it is time that you do the same with your digital assets.

Get started with VPN

The cheapest and most reliable way to get started with VPN is trough Unlocator. With servers all over the world and a track record as a market leader since 2005 Unlocator is your best bet on a good VPN provider.

So secure yourself and your data next time you drop in on facebook from the café, hotel or neighbor wifi.

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