is THE place for Sci-Fi fans – period. The only problem is that you can’t steam full episodes from Syfy outside the US. Only the trailers are available – that is unless you use the following trick that will give you access to all the full episodes from anywhere in the world.

watch syfy from outside the us

If you try to watch any of the full episodes from outside the US you will hear the following message: “This content is currentlyunavailable”. Well that statement is not entirely true as the content is available to US users.

The Syfy website has detected your location via your IP address and this why you are hearing the above message. In order to get around this problem you need to get an American IP address.

How to Fake Your Location and Access Syfy From Anywhere

Thankfully the workaround to this problem is really easy. All you have to do is connect to a so-called Virtual Private Network will a server located in the US and you will be allowed to watch Syfy.

Doing the setup is very easy. All you need is an account with a VPN provider – I personally use Unlocator, which have really good speeds for streaming. Once signed up for an account you simply install their watch syfy outside the usjpg application for either PC or Mac and select a server from the US and click connect. Wait about 5 seconds and the connection indicator will change to green showing your new American IP address. Now simply reload the Syfy website and instead of the irritating audio message you got before you will instead see the video streaming start.

That is all there is to it really and it is worth mentioning that this trick will work not only with Syfy but any other US only website using geo restrictions – which seems to be the norm now a days.

On top of the ability to bypass US only material, you will also be enjoying a encrypted data connection making it hard for hackers to compromise your computer, when connected to unsecure Wi-Fi networks.

Anyhow that is all there is to it if you want to watch Syfy outside the US – enjoy!


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