Online streaming of music is becoming evermore popular and one of the services really taking of these days is MOG – with more than 14 million songs available you will have a soundtrack for the rest of your life. Unfortunately is only available in the US – unless you use the following trick.

MOG is available on your computer, iPad and Phone and the fact that you can bring MOG with you while away from home is awesome. The problem is that you if you use the service from outside the US you will be meet with the following message: “It looks like you are outside the US. We’re sorry…MOG is not available in your country yet. We’d love to get the whole world all the music they want and we’re working on it. Stay tuned!” However this is not going to happen anytime soon and you are better off using the following workaround.

Fake Your Location and Use MOG Anywhere

Like so many other US only services MOG will determine your location via your computers IP-address. This is a number that you automatically inherit via your Internet Provider and as a result MOG can trace your location as soon as you load the website. So in order to get an account or use your MOG account if you are an American travelling is to obtain an American IP-address. This is done by connecting to a Virtual Private Network also known as VPN. As a result you will inherit an IP-address from the VPN server instead of your Internet Provider and that way you will all of a sudden be use MOG – it is really that simple.

There are plenty of VPN providers on the market but personally I prefer using Unlocator as their pricing and speed is really good. Besides setting up a VPN connection with Unlocator is far simpler than anything else I have seen. Simply install their app on your PC or Mac and then select where in the US you want to hide and then connect. That’s all there is to it and you can now use MOG or any other US only site for that matter.

So if you are music fan and want to listen to MOG even though you are outside the US then this is the way to go. Have fun and happy listening. Once connected with VPN you can create a MOG account here.


My name is Bradley Andrews. I'm a strong believer in online freedom and unrestricted Internet access. I write about VPN, privacy and website unblocking.

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