ITV is the biggest commercial television network in the UK, and since it is a UK only network it is only accessible within the UK – unless you use the following trick.

Like so many other online services ITV will determine your location by taking a look at your computers IP address. This is a unique number that any device connected to the Internet needs in order to communicate. You inherit this number from your Internet provider and it is a dead give away of what country you are located in.

In order to get around this you need to connect to a Virtual Private Network or VPN for short. When connecting to such a network you will be able to hide behind a server located in the country you want to appear in – in this case the UK. This will fool ITV into thinking you are a UK resident and allow you to stream.

How to Find a VPN to Unblock ITV

how to watch itv player outside the ukSince you are going to stream video you will need a VPN provider with access to great bandwidth. In order to unblock a range of online services I have tested quite a few over the years, and the only one providing reliable results for me has been Unlocator. Setting up the connection is simply a matter of downloading the PC or Mac application and choose to connect to the UK and you are done. From now on ITV will think you are located in the UK and allow you to stream. If you later on need to unblock a service in another country it is simply a matter of changing the connection to a new country and you are done.

The 6 and 12 month packages has the best discounts, but they have a 1 month package too if you would simply like to test it out first.

Anyhow that is all it takes to watch ITV outside the UK and you can use the method for unblocking tons of other websites and services too.


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