The Android Market has changed name to Google Play and with the name change comes a long range of extra content. Most importantly is the ability to get Music, Movies and Books from Google Play. These items are only available in the US version of Google Play and that is why I will show you how to access the US version of Google Play from anywhere in the world.

At the bottom of the Google Play website you can change your language but that will not change the content but only the translation in the store. Google will detect your location via your computer or devices IP-address. So in order to have Google think you are located in the US you need to get an American IP-address.

Fake Your Location to Get American Google Play

Below is an example of how the Google Play store looks loaded with an American IP-address on the left and a non US IP-address on the right. As you can see the Americans get a whole section dedicated to Music, Movies and Books.
How to get the American version of Google Play outside the US

What I did to achieve this was connecting to a Virtual Private Network with a server located in the US. The abbreviation is VPN and when you connect to such a network you will inherit an IP-address from the server in the other end. If this server is located in the US then you will get an American IP-address. As a result any website you connect to while connected to the VPN network will think you are located in the US.

You can also install a VPN connection on your Android phone to get the same result. I use Unlocator on both my phone and computer. On your Mac or PC you can simply install the application from Unlocator and select a server in the US to connect. On your Android phone you manually have to setup the connection – log into the account section of the Unlocator website and follow the instructions for your phone.

Once connected simply load Google Play once again and you will get the US version. That is all there is to it really. Don’t forget that this method will also allow you to unblock all the other US only sites that are out there. Great for streaming movies and TV shows from the US TV networks.


My name is Bradley Andrews. I'm a strong believer in online freedom and unrestricted Internet access. I write about VPN, privacy and website unblocking.

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