With Xfinity TV you get access to TV shows from all the big US providers and networks. In order to get Xfinity TV to work from outside the US you need to use a little trick as content is restricted to the US only.

The issue here is that licensing agreements restricts streaming of content from Xfinity TV outside the US. Actually the website does not make this very clear. Normally when you try to watch videos on a site only available in the US you will get a clear explanation. On the Xfinity website you will only get a message saying “Sorry, this video is unavailable” no matter which video you try.

Behind the scenes the Xfinity TV website has detected your location via your computers IP-address, which is a easily identifiable number that you get from your Internet Provider when you go online. So in order to avoid the above error message from Xfinity TV website you need to connect via an American IP-address. This is not something you can just grab of the shelf in the supermarket, but it is damn close.

Faking Your Location With the Help of VPN

Since location detection is done via your computers IP-address this is all you need to change in order to make Xfinity think you are located in the US. By connecting How to watch Xfinity TV Outside the USto a Virtual Private Network with a server in the US you can inherit an American IP-address.

There are plenty of VPN providers on the market, but having tried a good handful of them I prefer Unlocator. The speeds are great and the setup very easy. Once signed up simply install the application and select a city from the list and click connect. Behind the scenes the application will do its magic and after a couple of seconds you will get an indication that you are now connected. From then on it is just a matter of reloading the Xfinity TV website and start watching videos. That is all there is to it.

If you don’t like to use the Unlocator Application you can also do a manual setup on your computer. Log into the account page of Unlocator and follow the guides.

As you can imagine the VPN connection can be used to unblock virtually any website around the world with a country restriction in place.


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