Vudu has some amazing content available for streaming and the quality is simply awesome. However, the service is only available for streaming in the US so in order to use Vudu in the UK you need to use a little trick.

The problem is that Vudu can easily detect your location by looking at your IP-address, which is a number that you are awarded by your Internet Provider. This number is needed for your device to send and receive data when going online.

Fake Your Location and Use Vudu in the UK

So in order to stream Vudu Vudu in the UKin the UK you need to make Vudu think you are located in the US. You do this by changing your IP-address to an American one by connecting to a Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN has the ability to provide you with a new IP-address from a different country. The VPN server will more or less act as a middleman between you and Vudu, which will be unable to see where you are really located.

There are several VPN providers on the market that will allow you to appear in the US. Personally I prefer using the UK company Unlocator, which have servers located all over the world including the US. Simply sign up for the service and then install their application on your computer and select a server located in the US and click connect. Wait for the connected status to go green and then head on over to Vudu and create an account. Use fake US address info when signing up and now you are good to go.

You can install VPN on your computer, iPad, iPhone and so forth, but some devices such as the Xbox, Playstation, TVs etc. can’t connect to VPN directly. Instead you can use the Smart DNS services from Unlocator as well. This works on all devices and you don’t need to install software. So all devices are covered if you use Unlocator.

Anyhow if you wish to watch Vudu in the UK then this is the way to go. The VPN connection can be used for a lot other US only sites as well such as Hulu, ABC and so forth. Furthermore connecting to VPN in the US will also allow you to get American instead of the boring UK selection.


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