Although the Vudu video on demand service is not officially available in Canada you can still stream if you use the following trick.

See the problem is that Vudu does not have the right to stream its movies to users in Canada. Vudu will detect your location via your IP-address, which is a number you inherit from your Canadian Internet Service Provider. As a result Vudu can detect your location in a split second and prevent you from streaming. So in order to get around this problem you need to hide behind an American IP-address to trick Vudu into letting you use the site.

Fool Vudu into Thinking you are Located in the US

Thankfully the remedy to this problem is very simple. All you have to do is connect to a Virtual Private Network (VPN) with a server located in the US. That way you will inherit an American IP-address from the server and Vudu will no longer be able to detect that you are American.

What you need is a subscription to a VPN provider such as Unlocator, which I use for this purpose myself. Once you have signed up for the Unlocator service you can download the application for either Mac or PC and install in on your machine. Then simply select a server located in the US and click connect – then wait a few seconds and the application will do all the magic behind the scenes.

Once connected go to the Vudu website and create and account. Fake your location by using an American zip code and state. I used CA 90210 and it worked just fine. You are now good to go and you can start using Vudu as if you were located in the US.

What About the PlayStation and other Devices?

Since the Xbox, PlayStation and TVs don’t support VPN natively you need to use a router that can connect to VPN. I have written a guide for getting on the PlayStation outside the US, and the method is the same for Vudu so go read that guide if you want to watch Vudu on any of these devices.

On the iPad you simple setup a VPN connection manually. You can read more about setting up VPN on the iPad here.


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