The NFL Game Pass is only available outside the US and that is a shame as the NFL Game Pass will allow you to stream any Play Off game and the Super Bowl on either your PC, Mac, iPad or iPhone. However, I have found a way to sign up and use NFL Game Pass in the US.

The solution is to use the service Unlocator. By creating an account with Unlocator you can use their DNS addresses on your device. Simply change a single number in your network settings on your device and NFL Game Pass will no longer be able to detect that you are in the US.

There are several benefits of using a service like this:

  • It works on any device as no software needs to be installed
  • It’s transparent meaning it will only relocate you on a pr. site basis. This means that NFL GamePass will see you as coming from outside the US, while your online banking and so forth will see your real location.
  • Your Internet speed is not slowed down.
  • Last but not least it’s a set and forget service – no need to turn it on and off.

Normally if you try to access the NFL Game Pass website from the US you will see the following message: “NFL Game Pass is not available in the United States and Mexico”. With Unlocator you will be allowed in no matter where you are located.


Fake Your Location to Use NFL GamePass in the United States

So what you need to do is create an Unlocator account. Then go ahead and follow the setup guides for the device(s) you plan to use with the service.

At least set up your computer, as it’s needed to create the NFL GamePass account. Once you have 3 green check marks in your Unlocator account when loading the account home on the Unlocator website then you are ready to create your NFL GamePass account.

Go to NFL GamePass and simply fill out fake location info for the account and create it like you normally would. Once you have created the account you are ready to stream on any device in your home network you have set up to use the Unlocator DNS service.

You can either set up each device or configure your home router. This last option will allow any device connected in your home to take advantage of the unblocking features of Unlocator.

Unblock More Than Just NFL GamePass

The Unlocator service is very handy outside the NFL season as well. You can get access to all the major UK streaming services like BBC, ITV, Demand 5, 4oD and so forth. Furthermore you can use it to bypass blackouts from NBA, NHL, MLS and many other sports channels. The possibilities are basically endless.


My name is Bradley Andrews. I'm a strong believer in online freedom and unrestricted Internet access. I write about VPN, privacy and website unblocking.

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