Whatever the reason for your needs the method for getting an American IP address is the same and thankfully the method is very easy. Read on for the solution.

With an American IP address you will be able to fake your location and access websites such as and Hulu, which are only available in the US.

VPN is the Key to an American IP Address

Your IP address is a number that you have inherited from your Internet provider in the country from where you connect to the Internet. By connecting to what is known as a Virtual Private Network or VPN you will be able to inherit an IP address from a different location. So in order to get an American IP address you simply need to connect to a VPN with a server located in the US.

There are several providers on the market, but my personal favorite is Unlocator and their custom applications for Mac and PC. Once you have signed up for an account with the service you can download and install their American IP addressapplication. This way you will be able to select from a long range of servers in the US (and elsewhere around the world) and connect. In a matter of seconds your computer will inherit an American IP address from the US server and you will now be able to surf the Internet as if you are located in the US.

Your new American IP address is temporary and as soon as you disconnect from the VPN server you will get your normal IP address back. An added benefit from using VPN is that your data connection gets encrypted. This makes your Internet connection much more secure and you are much safer when using Wi-Fi on your computer.

As you can see it is fairly simple to get an American IP address and you don’t have to be a computer wizard or anything to make it work. Actually it should to you no longer than 5 minutes to install VPN and exchange your regular IP address for an American one.

What can I use an American IP Address for?

Most people use an American IP address for unblocking websites and services such as and Hulu while abroad. This makes VPN the perfect companion when travelling as you can continue to use all the American services while on the road. The VPN approach works for all networks, websites and radio stations that use IP detection to restrict access.


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