The VH1 website if full of original content from MTV and VH1. Unfortunately the content is only officially available to users in the US. You can however get access to the content if you fake your location. Read on for the solution.

See the problem is that restrictions from licensing agreements prevent VH1 from streaming to countries outside the US. They check your location via your computers IP-address and present you with two options. Either continue to a localized version of the site (with no full episodes available for streaming) or continue on the US. Once you arrive at the US site and try to stream a video you will see the following message: How to watch VH1 Outside the US“Sorry, We´re unable to offer this video to users in your region”. So in order to get access to all the content available from VH1 you need to fake your location so VH1 will think you are located in the US.

Fake Your Location and Watch VH1 From Anywhere in the World

Tricking VH1 into thinking you are located in the US is pretty easy. All you need to do is get an American IP-address, which you get by connecting to what is known as a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Once your computer is connected to a VPN server located in the US your data connection will become encrypted and you will receive a new IP-address.

Setting up VPN to use VH1 abroad is a simple operation. Sign up with a VPN provider – I use Unlocator, which I will use for this example. Once signed up install the application from Unlocator on your Mac or PC. Then open the application and select a server located in the US and click connect. In a couple of seconds you will have received a new IP-address and you can then visit the VH1 site once again and you will now see the US version of the site no matter where in the world you are located.

The VPN connection can be used for unblocking other sites than VH1. Sites and services such as and Hulu operate in the same way. All in all a VPN connection is a pretty useful tool if you find yourself located outside the US and want access to US only content.


My name is Bradley Andrews. I'm a strong believer in online freedom and unrestricted Internet access. I write about VPN, privacy and website unblocking.

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