Many of the guides we have written on this site have to do with single devices. Sometimes however, you want to route all traffic in the household trough VPN because you need VPN on devices that have no dedicated VPN client. This feature is restricted to very expensive industry grade routers – or is it?

Custom firmware on the router

Most routers today are running some sort variation of Linux in order to provide wireless access and route traffic, and this means you can flash your router with the open source router software DD-WRT. This however is no easy task and unless you have a deep understanding of the command line, Linux and data routing we strongly advice not to fool around with this on your own.

However, a company called Sabai Technology have specialized themselves in selling preconfigured routers capable of connecting to Strong VPN directly in the router. The company has excellent service and they ship the routers worldwide via Fedex. What is even more appealing is that the pricing on the routers is very reasonable indeed.

So together with a VPN account from Strong VPN (I suggest the $10 “Lite Open or PPTP” package) you will be able to route all traffic trough the VPN server all at once. This comes in handy if you have a devices such as a Playstation 3, Apple TV 2, Xbox 360 or any other device with no onboard VPN client.


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  2. Wow I never knew this was an option. What router would you suggest I should get?

    • The Linksys E3000 should have awesome troughput. Get that one or have a talk with Sabai as they often get new typres of routers.

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