If you like comedy you like TBS – period. The TBS website allow you to stream popular comedy shows such as: My name is Earl, Conan, Family Guy, Everybody loves Raymond, King of Queens and much more. The problem is that if you are abroad on travel or vacation you wont be able to catch up on shows – well unless you use this work around.

First of all this trick will only work if you have an account with one of the TV providers shown in the screenshot below. This is because TBS requires you to log in with an account from one of these providers to get access to the full shows. On top of that TBS will check your location when you try to stream any of the shows, and if they detect that your IP-address is located outside the US you will not get access to stream the full episodes. So what you need to do when you are abroad is to get an American IP-address.

How to Get an American IP-address to use With TBS When Abroad

Almost any website that restricts access based on your location uses the same method to determine your whereabouts. That is why they can all be unblocked by using the same method: VPN, which stands for Virtual Private Network and by connecting to this

You need to be a customer with one of the providers above

type of Network you will be able to fake your location and get and American IP-address no matter where in the world you are located.

Personally I prefer using Unlocator as their speeds and prices are top notch. Besides you get access to all their servers around the world when you sign up. Simply install the app on your computer and then connect to a US server when you travel. You will then get access to all the sites and services you enjoy from home.

Back to TBS – once you have connected to Unlocator and a server in the US you can then proceed to log into your TBS account and you will now get access to all the shows as if you were back home. This really is the lifesaver for the traveller on the road a lot. Don’t forget that this will also allow you to watch while out of the country as well as any other US only sites.


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