You have most likely landed on this page looking for a review of Strong VPN and a review you shall receive.

Before diving into the review itself I think it is appropriate to give a little background of why I am using VPN in the first place. My primary reasons are security on my mobile devices when using wireless networks and the second is unblocking US only services.

Ordering and Setting up Strong VPN

Even though the order process has nothing to do with the service, ordering from Strong VPN can be a bit of a messy process, as the flow leading to the actual checkout page is tricky and filled with a lot of info. I opted for the “Lite open 3 months” package from the ordering page – promoted as the $10 package.

Once ordered I received a welcome email with the info needed for setting up the connection. I am a Mac user but the setup process if fairly similar on a PC. Depending of your computer skill level you will either fly trough the setup, or need to read the instructions clearly. Either way it is not overly complicated to set up.

Network Speed and Support

The actual networks speed is pretty good, and it has mostly worked very well for me watching , Hulu and so forth. Sometimes however I have experienced the need to change server as the throughput has slowed down.

I have not had much need for the support, but the 24/7 live support is always at hand and they have answered my test questions fairly quickly and it sure beats waiting for an answer via a ticket system.

Conclusion of the Strong VPN Review

Although a manual setup the VPN service works as advertised and the speed for my needs were sufficient. I went for the $10 “Lite Open or PPTP” package that you can sign up at the Strong VPN site.

UPDATE HERE: I have since changed to using Unlocator as the setup and tests are a lot easier plus the server options are far greater. Read my Unlocator Review

My name is Bradley Andrews. I'm a strong believer in online freedom and unrestricted Internet access. I write about VPN, privacy and website unblocking.

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