Showtime was formerly known as “The Movie Channel” and I think the former name describes the service pretty well. Stream movies and TV shows on demand whenever you want. If you try to access the site from outside the US the videos will not start and you won’t even get an error message. Use the following trick and you can watch all the content you like from Showtime. is Only Available in the US

At the bottom of the website you will see this message:” This website is intended for viewing solely in the United States and its territories and possessions.” This is due to licensing agreements that inhibit Showtime for broadcasting the content beyond the US. The weird thing is that if you try to start a video you won’t get an error message but instead the video will just load forever without ever starting.

Make Think You Are Located in the US

How to Watch Showtime - outside the USThis is because has detected your location via your computer IP-address. So in order to have Showtime think that you are located in the US you need to get an American IP-address.

Getting a US IP-address is done by connecting to a Virtual Private Network also known as a VPN. What happens is that when you connect to a VPN server located in the US you will inherit an IP-address from this server. As a result you will now appear to be located in the US and that is all it takes to trick into starting the videos.

The trick is pretty handy if you are an American travelling abroad or if you simply live outside the US. Setting up a VPN connection is a fairly simple procedure – especially if you use an application like the one from Unlocator. Once you have installed the app you simply select a location somewhere in the US from the list in the app and click connect. Then the app is going to do all the lifting behind the scenes and connect to the server and provide you with the new IP. From then on it is just a matter of reloading and you can now watch whatever you feel like from the Showtime website.

Since most websites with country restrictions uses this method to filter users you can use this method to unblock any website you like. This makes a VPN a very powerful tool for any Internet user.


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