Internet radio and streaming services are popping up all the time. One of the “grand old men” of Internet streaming is Pandora Radio. Their huge music collection is a must have for all music lovers, but unfortunately you have to be located in the US in order to stream the music to you computer or phone.

How to trick Pandora Radio into thinking you are in the US

By connecting to a VPN (virtual private network) Pandora will think you are located in the US. The reason is that a VPN connection will allow you to connect to a server that will act as a middleman between you and Pandora. Click here to learn more about how VPN works.

The short story is – that by using a VPN connection Pandora will think you are in the US and all of a sudden you can use the service. This is great for travelling or if you simply don’t live in the US.

How to get a VPN account

VPN servers don’t grow on trees and you need an account with a provider in order to use on of their servers. Thankfully a VPN account is really cheap and well worth the investment indeed. I have tried a couple of VPN providers over the years and I have finally settled for Unlocator as their speed and reliability have been far better than anything I have come across. I use them to unblock , Hulu and many other services. Personally I use the 6 or 12 months package.


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