With the recent addition of Hulu Plus to the Apple TV this device is becoming more and more complete. Unfortunately you are unable to use the Hulu Plus service if you live outside the US. However, the following guide will tell you how to sign up for Hulu Plus from outside the US and trick Hulu into using your account on the Apple TV from Outside the US.

First of all you need to create yourself a Hulu Plus account

The problem is that if you access the Hulu Plus site from outside the US you will see the following message “Sorry, currently our video library can only be watched from within the United States”. Your computers IP address has given away your location and as a watch hulu plus on the apple tv from outside the usresult you are prevented from using the service. What you need to do is fake your location.

Faking your location is really easy – all you need is a subscription to a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This will allow you to obtain an American IP address and get around the block put in place by Hulu. Personally I use Unlocator and the service is perfect for this purpose. Once signed up simply install the app on your Mac or PC and connect to one of the US servers. Then head on over to the Hulu Plus site once again and you will no longer be blocked.

Now you are ready for the next step of the process and create the actual account. The only problem here is that you can’t use a non American credit card as Hulu wont accept it. Lucky for us there is a solution to this problem as well: prepaid US credit cards. Head on over to this site and buy one of the prepaid credit cards and use it for signing up to Hulu.

Faking Your Location on the Apple TV in order to Watch Hulu Plus

Now that you finally have an account for Hulu Plus you need to fake your location on the Apple TV as well. First of all you need to set your location under preferences to the US otherwise the Hulu Plus app won’t show up. The next problem is that Apple TV can’t run VPN. Instead you need to connect to Apple TV to a router that can connect to VPN directly. Then any device connected to this router will appear to be located in the US.

This method is used for watching outside the US as well and I have written a separate guide for connecting a Asus RT N-16 router to Unlocator here. In the tutorial I’m using the Asus RT N-16 router as it is the best VPN capable router on the market by far.

Don’t be scared by the length of this guide. It’s fairly easy to setup and once the initial setup is done you will be able to enjoy thousands of hours worth of entertainment on your Apple TV.

So if you are interested in watching Hulu Plus on your Apple TV from Outside the US then it is well worth the short time investment.


My name is Bradley Andrews. I'm a strong believer in online freedom and unrestricted Internet access. I write about VPN, privacy and website unblocking.

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  1. Thank you so much for the tip – it works great! Feels like I got a brand new Apple TV.

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