If you want to watch Hulu in Australia you need to use a sneaky, but easy, little workaround in order to access the US only content.

The problem is that Hulu is officially only available in the US and Japan and if you try to access the site from outside any other location you will be meet with the following message: “Sorry, currently our video library can only be watched from within the United States”.

Hulu will determine your location via your computers IP-address so what you need to do is make Hulu think that you are located in the US instead of Australia.

Fake Your Location in Order to Watch Hulu in Australia

This trick is actually very simple and even though it might sound a bit technical it is very easy to set up. What you need to do is connect to a Virtual Private Network also known as aVPN. This will allow your computer to connect to a server in the US that will act as a middleman between you and Hulu’s servers. The result is that Hulu thinks that you are located in the US instead of Australia and you can then stream away as you like.

Since video streaming requires quite a bit of bandwidth you need a VPN provider with plenty of servers. For this I recommend Unlocator as they have both very fast servers, but it is also extremely easy to set up compared to other VPNs. Unlocator

How to watch Hulu in Australia

has made a custom app for both Mac and PC that will allow you to simply select a server in the US and click connect and from then on it will appear as if you are located in the US as well. This really beats having to fiddle with manual settings and finding the fastest server by trial and error. If you wish to do so you can use the manual settings from Unlocator if that is your preference.

For the rest of us the app is really a lifesaver and it takes out all the effort of setting up a fast and reliable VPN connection to watch Hulu. So if you were looking for a method for watching Hulu in Australia, then here you have it. Pretty simple and should not take you more than a minute or two to set up. Happy viewing.


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