How to Setup VPN

Connected to a VPN (Virtual Private Network) you will be able to fake your location and access all the US only services found on the Internet. We have collected a range of tutorials for various devices helping you gain access

These days VPN is very easy to setup as VPN providers are now creating custom applications that removes the need for setting up complicated manual connections. This tutorial uses one of the more popular apps on the market – Unlocator.

If you are a PC or Mac user simply go ahead and download the application for your platform from the user area of Unlocator once signed up.

This is What Unlocator Looks Like

Using the Unlocator app is extremely easy. Simply install the application like any other app and then login with your user credentials. Once logged in you can select one of the 359 different VPN server located all around the world. If you want to appear to be located in the US then select a US server. If you want to appear to be located in Germany then connect to a German server and so forth. With the Unlocator application you can fake your location to 53 countries around the world with the click of a button.

Unlocator on Mac

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