Due to high licensing cost Grooveshark has closed down operations in Germany. Thankfully there is a way around the blockade – simply read on for the solution.

If you enter Grooveshark.com in your browser from Germany you will be meet with the following message: “Aufgrund unverhältnismäßig hoher Betriebskosten stellt
Grooveshark den Zugriff aus Deutschland ein.” In order to get around this problem you simply have to make Grooveshark think you are located somewhere else than the US.

Use VPN to Listen to Grooveshark in Germany

By connecting to a Virtual Private Network you can fake your location and make Grooveshark think that you are located in the US, Canada, The UK or anywhere else for that matter.

There are several providers on the market but I prefer Unlocator as they have the widest range of servers all over the world and the setup is super easy. Simply sign up, then download their app and install it. Once installed it is simply a matter of choosing a server outside Germany and click connect – then load up Grooveshark and you are ready to go.

That is really all there is to it. The great thing is that you can also use the app to unblock other sites and services not available in Germany such as and Hulu.


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