So Google has just launched their iTunes competitor that even adds online streaming to the feature list. The only problem is that the invites are for the US only – but there is a way around that.

See Google will take a look at your IP in order to check if you are located in the US or not. In order to get access to the beta invite page we need to somehow get a US based IP that will let us in.

VPN to the Rescue – How to Trick Google Music Beta

So what we need is a middleman in the US that will disguise our true location. The best way to do this is to connect to a VPN server. VPN stands for virtual private network and when we connect to such a server it will act as a middleman between Google Music and us and allow us to get inside. It is that simple.

A Vpn connection can be used to unblock lots of other services too like , so it is well worth the small investment. Unlocator that I use for all the unblocking I do has a 6 or 12 months package that is super fast and straightforward to use on both desktop and mobile devices.


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