Protect Your Privacy With a DNS Service

We believe that a free and open Internet is a good thing. This is why we set out to create the most complete set of guides on how to protect your privacy.
Traditionally users have used VPN connection from popular providers such as Unlocator to unblock hide your location. While such a service is efficient more users are now changing to a Unlocator.

Change Your Location With DNS

Unlike a VPN connection the Unlocator DNS service will allow you to protect your privacy on devices that don’t support VPN.

Basically all it takes to protect your privacy from the geo location services with Unlocator is the following:

From them on you can alter your location as needed.

How Expats Can Protect Their Privacy When Abroad

Our guides and articles are very popular with all types of readers but especially expats looking to protect their privacy . By using the Unlocator service you can hide your location from selected geo location services used to track your location.

How Does VPN Differ From a DNS Unblocking Service

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and works with computers, tablets and mobile devices. DNS on the other hand stands for Doman Name System and can be used with any device, which can connect to the Internet.

VPN the pros and cons

  • A VPN will often slow down your connection
  • A VPN can hide you from any geotracking
  • A VPN only works with computers and mobile devices

DNS the pros and cons

  • Unlocator DNS does not slow down your connection
  • Unlocator DNS works with all devices
  • Unlocator DNS is cheaper than a VPN
  • Unlocator DNS hides your location from selected geotracking

In conclusion you can say that you should only use a VPN if you want to hide your location from any of the geolocation services supported by Unlocator DNS. A DNS solution like Unlocator beats VPN connections  when it comes to the type of devices supported.

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