There are ranges of different websites that stream the games online. We have collected a selection of them and we will show you how to stream from them even though you are not located in the country of the website streaming.

Streaming rights to big events like the Euro 2012 is very complicated. The rights are distributed between different stakeholders in different regions. One thing is for sure: You will need to use some ninja tricks in order to watch all the games.

A UK site will only be allowed to stream games to viewers in the UK and so forth. This means that if you are not located in the UK you need to fake your location. This is done by connecting to a Virtual Private Network also known as VPN. That way you can fake your location and be allowed to stream from websites from abroad. I suggest Unlocator as you get access to all their 256 servers located in 47 different countries. So once you have installed the application from Unlocator you are ready to hide in whatever country you like. Below is a table of websites that stream different games. This means that if a site is located in the UK you then connect to a Unlocator server located in the UK – simple stuff right? On to the sites streaming the Euro 2012:

Country Site VPN needed
UK Sky Sports Yes
US FoxSoccer Yes
DK DR Danish Television Yes


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