If you want inspiration for your next home improvement project or simply enjoy watching fantastic transformations, then the DIY Network is for you. The only problem is that the DIY Network is not available outside the US, but there is a smart little trick that will enable you to watch the DIY shows from anywhere in the world.

The DIY network will determine your location via your computers IP address, which you inherit from your Internet Provider. You can browse the website just fine, but if you try to watch one of the videos you will see the following message: “sorry, the requested How to watch the DIY network outside the usvideo cannot be found”. This is actually a bit misleading as it sounds merrily as a technical problem, but in fact it is a mechanism put in place to prevent non-US access to the content. This is due to licensing agreements and other boring stuff. What you need to do is fake your location.

Faking Your Location and Watching the DIY Network

What you need to do is connect to a so-called Virtual Private Network with a server located in the US. This will allow you to exchange your regular IP address with an American address and hence be allowed to stream from the DIY Network. Personally I prefer using a connection from Unlocator as they have given me great results and speeds.

Simply sign up for the Unlocator service and then install their application on your Mac or PC. Once installed select a US server from the list on the app and click connect and wait for 5-10 seconds and an indicator will show that you are now connected with a US IP address. This is all it takes and you can now revisit the DIY Network website and watch all the content as if you were located in the US.

This is all it takes if you want to watch the DIY Network outside the US or any other website for that matter. I hope you could use the above trick – it is not really a big technical challenge at all. Simply see it as your first DIY project.


My name is Bradley Andrews. I'm a strong believer in online freedom and unrestricted Internet access. I write about VPN, privacy and website unblocking.

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