When surfing the Internet we leave all sorts of traces – even without being aware of it. Today I’m going to talk a little about what you can do in order to surf undetected.

Are you aware of the dangers that lurk when you go travelling with your computer and log onto open Wi-Fi networks out and about? Most people aren’t but in this article we will cover some of the dangers and what you can do to prevent yourself for becoming at risk.

There are many reasons as to why an Internet user would like to fake his or her location. The solution however is the same and that is faking your IP-address and in this tutorial I will show you how.

We all have them – the smartphones from Apple, HTC, Microsoft, Samsung, Nokia, LG and so forth and since these devices are mobile by nature they go wherever we go. Whether you are looking to securely log on to Wi-fi networks or unblock sites like , Hulu or any other US only service, then VPN is the way to go.