With the recent addition of Hulu Plus to the Apple TV this device is becoming more and more complete. Unfortunately you are unable to use the Hulu Plus service if you live outside the US. However, the following guide will tell you how to sign up for Hulu Plus from outside the US and trick Hulu into using your account on the Apple TV from Outside the US.

Hulu Plus is a great service and the great variety of shows makes it one of the best alternatives to cable. The only problem is that it is only available in the US. So if you are a traveller or US expat living abroad you are left out in the cold.

Hulu is THE place for watching current TV shows online. No other service can compete with the size and freshness of the Hulu catalogue when it comes to TV shows. If you are Canadian however, that does not mean much as the service is only available in the US. That said – there is a way to get access to Hulu from Canada and I will show you how.

Many expats living abroad miss having access to the TV programing from back home. Unfortunately all the major networks such at ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and HULU restrict access to their programs from outside the US. However, there is a way around this problem and this article will tell you how to unblock US TV shows.

Not many people want to admit it, but one of the things they miss the most when they go abroad is the TV-shows from back home. One of the best ways to watch TV online is by using Hulu. For those who don’t know Hulu it is by far the best way of streaming American TV online. The only problem is that Hulu does not stream outside the US officially, but I have made a guide with a little trick that will allow you to watch Hulu outside the US. Also read: How to Watch Hulu Plus Outside the US (a solution to the US credit card problem)