ABCs iview is only available in Australia and as soon as you try to watch content while abroad Australia you will be blocked from accessing the site. However, I know a little trick that will allow you to watch ABC iview from anywhere in the world. Read on for the solution.

Many expats living abroad miss having access to the TV programing from back home. Unfortunately all the major networks such at ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and HULU restrict access to their programs from outside the US. However, there is a way around this problem and this article will tell you how to unblock US TV shows.

ABC has some great show like Modern Family, Dancing with the stars, Greys Anatomy not to mention lost. The best thing is that you can watch all the episodes online for free – unless you live outside the US that is.

The thing is that ABC, much like other services, has restricted access to their live streaming to US residents only. If you only we could make ABC think we were located in the US…