To kick things off it is important to note that this trick requires that you have an American credit card. Otherwise it will not work – that said please read on.

If you are regular user of Blockbuster on demand and want to continue to use the service when you are travelling abroad, you need to use the following trick in order to access the content. The problem is that Blockbuster on demand is only available in the US and the website will detect your location via your IP-address that you inherit via the internet provider you are using. In order avoid this you need to obtain and American IP address.

Fake Your Location to Watch Blockbuster on Demand Abroad

So what you need to do is make Blockbuster think you are located abroad even though you are not. You do this by connecting to a VPN (Virtual Private Network) located in the US. That way you will inheret the IP-address from the VPN server in the US and it will appear that this is where you are located. It might sound complicated but it really is not.

In order for this to work you need a VPN provider with plenty of bandwith to stream video. I have tested a range of the big providers and Unlocator is the best I have come across. The speed is really good and the setup is really easy as they have made a custom app for both Mac and PC. Simply install the app, select a server in the US from the drop down and click connect. That is all there is to it and Blockbuster will now think you are located in the US.

So if you want to watch movies from Blockbuster while travelling abroad then this is the way to go. Happy viewing.


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