Blinkbox is an awesome service for buying and renting movies online. Unfortunately the service is only available in the UK. In order to use the service outside the UK you need to do a little magic.

If you connect to the Blinkbox website from outside the UK and try to watch a movie you will be meet with the following message “Sorry, we don’t have the rights to sell this movie in your countryā€¯. That might very well be, but you can easily get around this problem by faking your location.

Trick Blinkbox Into Thinking you are in the UK

The website will check your IP address when you use the site in order to determine your location. To get around this problem you need to connect to a Virtual Private Network. This will allow you to connect to a secure server in the UK that will act as a middleman between you and Blinkbox. That way Blinkbox will think you are located in the UK and allow you to rent and buy movies.

Setting up VPN to Connect to Blinkbox

Streaming video requires a lot of bandwidth. That is why you need a VPN provider that can handle the speeds needed for a good viewing experience. Unlocator is a UK based VPN provider that how to watch blinkbox outside the UKcan handle this task effortlessly. Simply sing up and install the custom app and select a location in the UK and click connect. That is all there is to it and you are now virtually located in the UK.

IMPORTANT: Once connected to VPN you have to clear out the cookies in your browser before you connect to the site again. That way the website will validate your location over again. If you have already accessed the site from outside the UK and not cleared your cookies the block will still be in place regardless that you are connected to VPN.

That is all there is to it if you want to watch Blinkbox outside the UK. Happy viewing.


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