Now that the Copyright Alert System (CAS) or “Six Strikes” has gone live you might be wondering how the system works. Turns out the kind people of CAS has created a video explaining the whole thing in details.

Basically Copyright holders can contact ISPs with IP addresses of user suspected of sharing Copyright protected material. The ISP will in turn display up till 6 warnings in the users browser. Depending on ISP’s the penalty may include one or more of the below steps:

  • Throttling of Internet speed
  • Downgraded connection
  • Forced participation in a Copyrights education program in order to restore connection speed

Simply shifting to a new provider is not the solution as all the 5 major ISPs are partners in the new system. Instead using a VPN like Unlocator will render the CAS unable to detect your Internet habits.

Here is a video detailing the system.


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