Some people experience really slow torrent speeds even though they have a fast connection and there are plenty of seeders and peers. How can this be? Well some ISPs (Internet Service Providers) will cut speeds for torrents to prevent the customers from using too much bandwidth. Read on to see if your ISP is one of the bad ones and learn how to bypass the restrictions.

First of all in order for this trick to work you should check if your ISP is on the list of known offenders. See the list here – if your ISP is not on the list it might not mean that they do not cut speeds, but merely that they have not been caught yet.

How to Hide Torrent Traffic From Your ISP

What we want to do is to make sure that your ISP cannot snoop around in your traffic and put restrictions on torrent traffic. I order to do so we need to use a VPN connection. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and it will encrypt your data traffic between you and your VPN provider thus leaving your ISP in the dark, as they cannot tell what is torrent traffic and what is normal web traffic. This will allow you to get the speeds you deserve and at the same time you will be more save from prying eyes when online.

The best VPN Provider for High Speed

In order for you to maintain a high speed when connected to a VPN you need a provider with plenty of bandwidth. The best one is by far Unlocator as they have tons of servers and bandwidth – plus they have been in the game since 2005 so lets just say they know their stuff. I suggest getting the 6 or 12 months package, as it will be perfect for this setup.

As a side note this will make your overall surfing experience more safe, and if you use a lot of open Wifi you can rest assure that no one can collect your data traffic. Last but not least this will give you access to , Hulu, Amazon Instant Video and all the other US only services if you choose a US based VPN when you sign up.


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