Bradley Andrews


Some countries and workplaces have blocked Youtube either permanently or for a limited period. The motivations for blocking Youtube may be political related or may simply be the result of the management trying to control productivity. Either way we think it is wrong. Luckily for us we have a way around the problem. Here is how to unblock Youtube.

Hulu is getting more and more popular and with their new Hulu Plus offering it looks like they are here to stay. Hit shows like Grey’s Anatomy, The Office, Bones, Saturday Night Live and Family Guy to name a few can be streamed directly form the site – if you live in the US that is.

Many of the guides we have written on this site have to do with single devices. Sometimes however, you want to route all traffic in the household trough VPN because you need VPN on devices that have no dedicated VPN client. This feature is restricted to very expensive industry grade routers – or is it?