Bradley Andrews


As we spend more and more time online the need to secure and enforce your own privacy is rising. We are tracked by Facebook, Google and just about every website that we visit. The number one identifier is your IP-address and in this article you will learn how to hide your real IP-address.

You have most likely landed on this page looking for a review of Strong VPN and a review you shall receive.

Before diving into the review itself I think it is appropriate to give a little background of why I am using VPN in the first place. My primary reasons are security on my mobile devices when using wireless networks and the second is unblocking US only services.

So you have a nice HD TV and perhaps even a Blu Ray player but no HD movies to make that TV shine. Well there is a new kid in town called Vudu that will stream 1080p HD movies to your TV, PS3, Blu Ray Player or Computer. That is if you live within the US. However, as always VPNfreedom has a trick to unblock Vudu outside the US.

Not many people want to admit it, but one of the things they miss the most when they go abroad is the TV-shows from back home. One of the best ways to watch TV online is by using Hulu. For those who don’t know Hulu it is by far the best way of streaming American TV online. The only problem is that Hulu does not stream outside the US officially, but I have made a guide with a little trick that will allow you to watch Hulu outside the US. Also read: How to Watch Hulu Plus Outside the US (a solution to the US credit card problem)

The Roku Box is an awesome piece of kit. Small, fast, reliable and cheap – everything you want from a media player. Setting up and using the Roku box outside the US to get American content requires a little bit of work. Read along to get a step-by-step guide.