Amazon Instant Prime Video is only available in a few regions such as the US, UK and Germany. Read on to learn how you can access Amazon Instant Video from anywhere in the world.

Fake Your Location

First of all you need to use the service Unlocator, which allows you to fake your location on any device. unlikea traditional VPN service you can use Unlocator on Smart TVs, Gaming Consoles, Computer, Phones, Tablets and so on.

Follow the simple setup guide for your computer and any device you plan to use with the service.

Create an Amazon Instant Video Account

Once you have created your Unlocator account and followed the setup guide you should see 3 green check marks in your Unlocator account. You are now ready to sign up for the Amazon Account Prime Account.

First you need to make up your mind about what Amazon region you want to use. The prime account you create is locked to this region.

Follow the on screen account creation process and make sure you use an address from the respective country.

Once you have done so you are ready to stream – almost. If you plan to use either the UK or German version of Amazon Instant Video, then you need to log in to your Unlocator account and go to region settings. Here you will find an option to set the Amazon region to either UK or Germany. This is not needed if you plan to use the US version of Amazon Instant Video, as Unlocator always unblocks it.


How to Get the Amazon Instant Video App

Depending on the device you are using you need to jump trough a few hoops in order to get hold of the Amazon Instant Video App. The apps differ from US, UK and Germany so you can’t use the same app for each region.

Basically you can use Unlocator to get access to Amazon Instant Video and Amazon Prime Video from anywhere in the world. Simply create a free trial and follow the setup guides.

The cool thing about a solution like this is the fact that you don’t need to install any software or use VPN. In turn this does not slow down your connection at all and furthermore you can use the method on just about any device.


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