With the Amazon Cloud Drive, Amazon has entered the market of cloud-based backup. Amazon is no beginner in this field. They have been selling professional file hosting for years trough their Amazon S3 service. Now they are ready to offer a consumer friendly version – that is if you are located in the US. As usual we have a way around the US only restrictions.

How to trick Amazon into thinking you are in the US

Just like any other web based service Amazon will use your IP-address to determine where in the world you are located. Don’t worry if you don’t know much about IP-addresses and how they work – all you need to know is that your computer needs one to be online, and I can tell you how to obtain a new one that makes it look like you are in the US.

In order for this to work we need a middleman. A server located in the US that will relay all of our traffic. What we need is a VPN connection. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and it will route your entire computers traffic trough a server that in this case will be located in the US. This way Amazon will only see the US server and not you and thus let you use their service – neet huh?

How to find the best VPN

The thing is that you will need a fast and reliable VPN provider for this to work. I have been trough quite a few as part of my tests, but the only one that has proven good enough is Unlocator. They have been in the VPN game since 2005, so no wonder they know what they are doing. Their 6 or 12 months package is just what you need and the setup is simple. Once you have signed up you will receive a mail with instructions and in the worst-case scenario they have 24/7 online service. Although I doubt you will need it.


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