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Post updated on August 15, 2014

Unblock US Review

If you are looking for a way to unblock and other US only services there is a new tool available as an alternative to VPN. The service is called Unblock Us and I have taken a look at the service and taken it for a spin.

How Does Unblock US Work

In order to make use of Unblock Us you have to change the DNS (Domain Name System) settings on the device you want to watch on. A DNS is responsible for pointing you in the right direction when you try to connect to .com. Instead of using the DNS that your device normally inherits from your Internet Provider you have to change your DNS to ones provided by Unblock US – the details on how to do this is provided on the how to pages of Unblock US.

The DNS service is transparent for you as a user and once you have changed the DNS settings you can use as if you were located in the US. How Unblock US works behind the scenes is not 100% known but is has been speculated that the authentication is routed trough US based proxies where as the actual streaming from is routed as normal. Until Unblock Us reveals their secret (they most likely never will) the inner workings will remain unknown.

VPN Versus Unblock US

There are both pros and cons to Unblock Us. One of the pros is the speed – since the actual connection to services such as is not directed trough proxies or VPN servers you will get full speed access to the site. On the downside however the trick only works with the services Unblock US decides to include.

VPN services like Hide My Ass VPN gives not only great speeds but it will unblock any website in the world using geo blocking. Furthermore Hide My Ass VPN will encrypt your data making surfing more secure, which is highly recommended if you are connecting to the Internet via Wi-Fi.

Although I have no reason to doubt the intension of Unblock US I am a little apprehensive about using their DNS servers as they are essentially doing DNS poisoning. I don’t have any reason to believe Unblock US would do any harm I would not personally use a service like that. Since I already am using Hide My Ass VPN for the security reasons I will stick with the VPN service as I get the added benefit of the security. Besides I’m not limited to only unblocking the websites that Unblock Us decides to support.

That said – if you don’t care about security and only need access to a limited amount of websites, then sign up for a free Unblock Us trial here.

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