What is VPN

VPN stands for private virtual network and is often used by workplaces to give their employees access to the local network when working from home. That way the user will have access to external drives, printers etc. at the office. Here are VPNfreedom we are more interested in other benefits that comes with using VPN.

How does VPN work

The VPN connection connects your PC, Mac or whatever other device you are using to a central server. All your Internet traffic will go trough this server – see the diagram below.

The fact that the traffic is directed trough the server is very interesting for those of us who wish to protect our privacy. Because a VPN connection to a server in the US will direct all our traffic trough this server, the services that restrict access to users in the United States only, will think you are located within the country and thus allow you access even though you are actually located in Europe, Asia or anywhere else in the world. Now this is VPNfreedom.

How do I get started with VPN

A VPN connection is not free, but it is well worth the small investment. I recommend Unlocator as it is the most reliable provider on the market that I have come across. Check out the videos below, or read on in the guides for specific tips related to different services and devices.

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