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Post updated on October 5, 2018

How to Watch DramaFever From Anywhere in the World

If you are into Korean dramas, soaps and TV shows, then DramaFever is custom tailored for you. The channel has huge amounts of Korean content available for streaming on many platforms. The only problem is that DramaFever is only available in select countries. In this tutorial I will show you how to bypass this problem.

The thing is that DramaFever only has a license to the content on their website in selected countries. That is why they have to check the location of each user when using the site. This is done by looking at the users IP address, which is a unique number that you inherit from your Internet provider. Indecently this number also reveals in what country you are located.

Get Access to US Version of DramaFever

Like always the US edition of DramaFever has the most content. That is why you will have to make DramaFever think you are located in the US. You do this by connecting to what is known as a Virtual Private Network or VPN. That way your computer will inherit an American based IP address. In turn this will make DramaFever think you are located in the US when you connect to the site.

Best VPN to Watch DramaFever

There are several VPN providers on the market, but personally I have had the best success with using Unlocator . Simply sign up for an account and install the application on your PC or Mac. Then open up the app and select a server in the US and click connect. After 10-20 seconds your computer will have adopted a new IP and you can reload the DramaFever website. Just remember to remain connected with VPN whenever you wish to use the DramaFever website.